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My CV doesn't get me an interview!

“Very engaging, a journey of self discovery”

“Exceeded my expectations, made it easy for me to relate to, more like a friend”

Your CV is one component part of getting an interview. 📝

It's generally the first thing a recruiter will see. 👀 So what should it look like?

You can pay loads of money for a CV that looks fantastic, has all the "whistles & bells" on it but it doesn't actually sell who YOU are. 9 times out of 10 it won't get you through the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

There are lots of opinions on how a CV should look, for us, it's about doing what it should do, and that is to add value to what YOU can offer to a future employer. It contains the real YOU, sells YOU and markets YOU.

Does anyone else offer this type of service and go into so much detail? YOU are our product and if we don't know YOU, then we can't sell or market YOU.

2 hour Zoom call to ask you questions that get to know the real YOU. More time if required. We write your CV together. We get out of you, your transferable skills and achievements. We make you shine on a piece of paper! ⭐️

✅ 1 x Plain Text CV that will go through the ATS system.

✅ 1 x Stand Out CV (Normally more as we get creative).

✅ 1 x ATS run through of your CV against the job role you wish to apply for. All the keywords to get a match are then put into your CV to give you a better chance of getting that all important interview.

✅ Interview coaching -helping you with questions and answers, top tips and assistance throughout the process.

✅ Advertise and market you on Social Media, especially LinkedIn.

We're human and add that personal touch.

As we said earlier, a CV is one component part of getting an interview. We will discuss this with you when you have your new CV in your hand.

“Very happy , not expecting it to go that deep, impressed, made me think about myself.”

Contact us for an informal discussion - 07584 326611 or email 

Have a look at our free downloadable document.
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