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Recruitment - Company

It's always difficult finding the right person to fit the culture of the company. It's also very time consuming and sometimes not a pleasurable experience. Our process is all about you and what you want. Value is our key prinicpal.

What we do:

1) We work with you every step of the way.

2) We understand your business, your people, your industry, your culture by spending time working with you before anything else.

3) We understand what type of person  you are looking for.

4) We produce job listings, advertise and source your ideal candidate(s).

5) We interview all candidates to ensure the right fit.

6) If required we will interview with you at the first interview.

7) We give feedback to all candidates.

8) We help you draw up a shortlist.

9) We help you at the second interview.

10) We make sure the successful candidate is happy and is a great fit. We don't just place them and run.

11) We look after them long after they've started to make sure both parties are happy together.


Recruitment - Candidate

We know what a minefield it is out there and how difficult and stressful finding a job can be. No feedback, being ghosted, a robot on the end of an email. We promise that is NOT how we work or treat people.

What we do:

1) We will interview you and get to understand what you can offer.

2) We will go through your CV to make sure you have all the qualities for the role.

3) We understand you as a person, what you want, what you're looking for.

4) We will ensure you have the right transferable skills for the role.

5) We will run through all about the company and the job role.

6) We work for you so we want you to be at your best.

7) We PROMISE to give you regular feedback.

8) We will help you get ready for your interview if you are the right fit for the company..

9) Above all we will be honest and true.

10) We will make the job hunting experience as smooth and as painless as we can.

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